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In this 8-module masterclass, you will be guided through the process of finding your edges, holding yourself, and experiencing your reality shift into a more beautiful world. 


- What the F#*k is a Boundary
- Embodied Boundaries
- Constructive Anger
- Boundaries as Self-Love
- Inner Authority: Integrity & Power
- The Conscious Creator of My Own Life
- Boundaries in Relationships
- The Quantum Power of the Frame


“I have been searching for years for the clarity I found in this class. Now when people are invasive or confronting, I can stay with my truth, be loving and hold space for who they are, and let go. It’s true inner peace.”Tricia C.

“This course allowed me to get clear on what I want. And all the sudden when I started getting clear, things began falling in my lap.”Natalia C.

“Before this class I thought boundaries were something I would have to rigidly uphold, that I had to work so hard to assert, and that I wasn’t good at. What I learned is that boundaries are just a container to hold me.”Deb P.

“What I’m taking from this class is that I can hold a boundary and respect others’ boundaries and that it can all come from a deep place of love and trust.”Melanie W.

“Now I know I am apart from everything, and a part of everything.”Abbey L.

“This class allowed me to see the universe as a separate entity that I get to love and have a relationship with. I feel the way I felt when I was falling in love with my husband for the first time.”Annie J.